How We Operate - Recruitment Process

Asia Pacific Recruitment Specialist

You may have experienced frustrations trying to hire the talent you need. Online advertising frequently does not work as the best prospects are often already employed, and today’s savvy candidates will often not send their CVs to people whom they do not already know. Recruitment and staffing agencies typically key word search the web and their CRMs to send you CVs of unsuitable people that have not been properly screened and interviewed.


We know where to find the right people, especially those that are not actively seeking a new job but are open to considering an interesting new opportunity.


Asianet Consultants systematically searches for the people you need. We do not advertise. We do not rely exclusively on our large, updated databases or upon receiving applications from active job seekers. Since 1988, we have proactively identified, engaged, assessed, attracted – and ultimately successfully placed – the right candidates for our clients’ unique requirements. We also have access to databases of over 180,000 high-quality senior management candidates around the world, including more than 10,000 candidates in Asia Pacific.

  • Directly targets relevant, qualified candidates and screen out candidates that do not meet your specifications
    We create an external job description, define mutually agreed search grounds and directly target relevant position holders. 

  • Identify, approach and present a compelling narrative to prospective candidates who may not otherwise be open to explore a change of employment
    Convert these individuals from being not open to explore opportunities into keen candidates, actively engaged in our assessment and selection process. 

  • Interview all candidates in-depth and provide detailed reports on those best-in-class, most culturally relevant and suitably qualified candidates.
    Present sophisticated, detailed reports based on proven interview and assessment techniques, including behavioural, structured and unstructured interview techniques, psychometric and culture suitability assessments, and other tools. 

  • Continue working until the right candidate is found
    Our commitment to our clients’ carries on until the most-suitably qualified candidate is successfully hired, inculcated and rooted into their new organization. We don’t stop working to find the best person until the best person is hired. 

  • Carry out reference checking
    Conduct a 360-degree reference check for all successfully selected candidates, speaking in detail to at least a direct line manager, a peer and a direct subordinate where available. 

  • Guarantee the placement
    Provide a replacement candidates without additional charges should the successful candidate be terminated with cause or for performance at any time in the guarantee period.



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