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What We Do

Business performance is achieved through people. Outstanding performance is achieved through outstandingly talented people. Increasingly, middle and senior recruitment is outsourced to executive search consultants because in the Asia Pacific Region it is such a specialist and time intensive process. We find these people for you - That's what we do.

"Your future is in the hands
of the people you recruit today"


Talent = Profit

Your internal candidate... Not ready yet??
When needing to make a senior appointment how many times have you heard it said "John is a great guy but we don‘t think he is quite ready yet". John has been with you for 5 years, but you are about to hire an outsider who you have known for no more than 5 hours!...Read more

Real impact, real understanding, really stable, really engaged
I‘ve been looking forward settling down with this topic for a few weeks now. Real social responsibility is something I can tell you straight up boosts employee engagement.... Read more

Positive Outlook For Hong Kong Jobs
Employment in Hong Kong has been resilient through the downturn. Despite global economic insecurity, hiring intentions remain high in Q1 2013 and the unemployment rate rests at a healthy 3.3% - a rate that implies a state of full employment...Read more

How the West Could be Won
Firmly on the agenda of many business plans for 2013 will be expansion into China's second and third-tier cities in central and western China, where more and more foreign firms are focusing attention. Despite a cooling in China's economy, growth prospects outside the tier-one cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou are more and more attractive. However do foreign firms may need adapt to their China business model for these cities... Read more

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