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What We Do

Business performance is achieved through people. Outstanding performance is achieved through outstandingly talented people. Increasingly, middle and senior recruitment is outsourced to executive search consultants because in the Asia Pacific Region it is such a specialist and time intensive process. We find these people for you - That's what we do.

"Your future is in the hands
of the people you recruit today"


Talent = Profit

Companies are failing to build their Leadership Pipelines
Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends Report found that despite ’building leadership’ remaining paramount within organizations, little or no progress has been made in the last year to achieve this. Even worse, the capability gap for building great leaders has widened globally. A survey conducted by Penna Research among 1,000 senior corporate professionals found...Read more

China’s Online Sales outstrip US – Are you connected?
While online retail sales in the US are running at 7.3%, China’s online sales are galloping along at 13%. China has 413m shoppers and this is expected to grow to 587m in 2018. China's online retail sector is expected to grow rapidly in the next few years, with online shoppers exceeding 40% of the total population in 2018 and online retail sales doubling ...Read more

46% Of Hires Will Fail!
Of all the people who get hired in the next 18 months, 46% will fail. They’ll receive a poor performance review, get written up or be fired, according to Mark Murphy, the author of Hiring for Attitude. Even more surprising, 89% of those who fail will stumble as a result of ...Read more

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