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What We Do

Business performance is achieved through people. Outstanding performance is achieved through outstandingly talented people. Increasingly, middle and senior recruitment is outsourced to executive search consultants because in the Asia Pacific Region it is such a specialist and time intensive process. We find these people for you - That's what we do.

"Your future is in the hands
of the people you recruit today"


Talent = Profit

Manufacturing needs to fix an Image Problem to solve its Talent Shortage
Today, 6 in 10 openings for skilled production positions remain unfilled because of a talent shortage. Looking ahead, the U.S. will need to fill nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs between 2015 and 2025 - yet about 2m of those jobs are expected to go unfilled because companies won’t be able to find workers with the skills needed in today’s technology-enabled industry....Read more

China’s Impending Robot Revolution
Foxconn has long been considered a bellwether of Chinese manufacturing. In May, Foxconn disclosed that it had replaced 60,000 of the 110,000 workers at its giant plant in Kunshan, near Shanghai, by deploying thousands of industrial robots.... Read more >>

46% Of Hires Will Fail!
Of all the people who get hired in the next 18 months, 46% will fail. They’ll receive a poor performance review, get written up or be fired, according to Mark Murphy, the author of Hiring for Attitude. Even more surprising, 89% of those who fail will stumble as a result of ...Read more

Engaging the Digital Workforce
In a digital world, where switching jobs is easier than ever and top performers are increasingly in demand, it’s no surprise that employees have become more mobile. This change might represent a positive dynamic in the broader economy. But many companies face increased rates of attrition, which is not only expensive but also destabilizing-particularly when strategic capabilities, institutional knowledge, and leadership skills walk out the door... Read more

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